So surprised! A 70-year-old woman in India has just given birth to her first child.

Jivuben Rabari, a woman from India, has welcomed her first child at the age of 70. She and her 75-year-old husband, Maldhari, proudly introduced their son to the media, sharing that he was conceived through IVF.While Jivuben claims the title of one of the world’s oldest first-time mothers, it’s worth noting that another Indian woman, Erramatti Mangayamma, holds the record as she gave birth to twin girls in September 2019 at the age of 74.


Rabari and Maldhari, residents of the small village of Mora in Gujarat, India, have been married for 45 years and struggled for decades to conceive a child.

Their journey led them to success through IVF, a method effective even after menopause.



The couple’s doctor, Dr. Naresh Bhaushali, expressed that it was “one of the rarest cases I have ever seen.” He shared, “When they first came to us, we informed them that having a child at such an old age was unlikely, but they insisted.

They mentioned that many of their family members had undergone a similar experience. This is one of the rarest cases I have ever seen.”



The chances of a woman in her 70s getting pregnant naturally are virtually zero, as most women go through menopause between their late 40s and early 50s.

However, the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) asserts that any woman of any age can get pregnant with medical assistance, provided she has a “normal uterus,” even if she no longer has ovaries.


Medical professionals use an egg donated by a much younger woman, and it is fertilized outside of the body using a man’s sperm.

Eventually, the embryo is placed inside the woman’s womb in the hopes that she’ll become pregnant.

imageNumerous occurrences have been reported where women in their 60s and 70s have undergone IVF procedures to become mothers in India.

Mangayamma holds the distinction of being considered the world’s oldest woman to give birth, welcoming twin girls through IVF at the age of 74.

In a remarkable event on September 5, 2019, Mangayamma gave birth to twin girls, attributing the success to IVF treatments that utilized a donor’s egg and her husband’s sperm.

The retiree, hailing from Andhra Pradesh state, shared that her decision to pursue motherhood was influenced by her 55-year-old neighbor’s successful conception.

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