Guiding Light: The inspiring journey of a blind dog and its loyal companion in search of a forever home.

Guiding Light: The Inspiring Journey of a Blind Dog and Loyal Companion in Search of a Forever Home

imageThis inseparable pair of stray dogs from the United Kingdom is one of the most powerful examples of animal friendship we have ever seen. Glenn, a Jack Russell terrier, is permanently blind and relies on his best friend, Buzz, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, to get around with confidence. The two were found in a sea tunnel in northern England and have remained together ever since: they become restless and agitated when separated.imageThey currently reside at the Stray Aid rescue center in Coxhoe, Durham, not far from where they were found in Hartlepool. Glenn follows Buzz wherever he wants to go, and Buzz helps his blind friend find his food bowl, his kennel at the shelter, and his bed, pushing him every time he strays from the path. aim.


Staff have no information about the dogs, but believe they are both about 9 or 10 years old and have been together for a while. They are looking for a quiet home for the two of them to live out their days together, preferably with someone who has retired.


Glenn and Buzz are two abandoned friends looking for a home.


Glenn is blind, but he’s okay: Buzz helps him get around. He will push him towards the food bowl, the kennel or even his bed at the Stray Aid shelter where they live. They get anxious when separated, which is why the shelter staff loves them. to be adopted together.

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